February 28, 2011

Ford to recall F-150 pickups over air bags

Ford Motor Co. says it “will recall nearly 150,000 F-150 pickup trucks to fix air bags that could deploy without warning.” (K. Thomas, AP, 2/23). The recall follows concerns raised by the government about the air bag issue.

Ford calls the risk of air bags deploying “relatively low,” and said the recall affects trucks from the 2005-2006 model years. However, the vehicles being recalled currently are much less than the government suggested as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration told Ford that the recall should cover over 1 million trucks from the 2004-2006 model years. So far, dozens have been injured.

As a Chicago car and truck accident lawyer, I am concerned that this recall is not expansive enough and drivers are still at risk. For those consumers whose vehicles are part of the current recall, please have the issue fixed quickly.

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February 22, 2011

GM recalling Cadillac CTS over vehicle handling

General Motors says it is recalling “more than 50,000 Cadillac CTS vehicles worldwide to fix a loose joint that could cause a rear wheel to become unstable, making it hard for drivers to steer.” (Washington AP, 2/17). Of those vehicles recalled, the majority are located in the United States. The recall targets Cadillac CTS vehicles from the 2009 and 2010 model ears.

GM maintains that the recall is precautionary and no injuries have been reported. The danger of the defect is the potential for a sudden change in the steering and handling of the Cadillac CTS, which could cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

As a Chicago personal injury lawyer, I always encourage all Cadillac CTS owners to act promptly and address these issues, especially since steering issues are especially serious. GM says owners may call 866-982-2339 for additional information. Similarly, the NHTSA website is always a good source of information.

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February 14, 2011

Nearly 800,000 Dorel Child-Safety Seats Are Recalled

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost 800,000 child seats are “being recalled because their harnesses may not hold the child securely.” (C. Jensen, NY Times Wheels, 2/14). As a Chicago personal injury attorney, I encourage parents to act swiftly to ensure their children’s safety.

The recall covers a “wide range of booster, convertible and infant seats, including some sold as part of a stroller travel system, made by the Dorel Juvenile Group of Columbus, Ind.” The recall was triggered by the NHTSA, after an investigation resulting from nearly 150 consumer complaints that the restraining straps had loosened over time.

The restraints were sold “under the brand names Safety 1st, Maxi-Cosi, Cosco and Eddie Bauer.” They were manufactured from May 1, 2008 to April 30, 2009. A list of the affected models can be found .

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February 7, 2011

TSA to test new body scanning system

The Transportation Security Administration “is testing a new, more modest body scanning system at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.” (Las Vegas AP, 2/1). The new scanning system is an attempt at compromise for those passengers who take issue with the current scanners complainings that the full-body scans are overly intrusive.

TSA spokesman Dwayne Baird says “the software being unveiled Tuesday lets passengers see what its security screeners see, and it uses a more generic image.” Mr. Baird says that TSA is trying to improve privacy protections while maintaining high levels of security.

As a Chicago area personal injury lawyer, I am hopeful that the TSA will be able to find a balance between protecting privacy without sacrificing necessary security.

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